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Petroglyph Panel ADA Accessible Surface Upgrade

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The popularity of Delicate Arch is matched by the unique closeness of historic, cultural and natural features surrounding this area. The delicate petroglyph panel is just off the main trail and is very easy to access, intriguing the masses. No formal route was created in this area, allowing for unneccessary resource impacts resulting from social trailing. Impacts within this area can be better managed and controlled by bringing this segment up to the physical standard needed to support the current and anticipated use as well as expand accessibility opportunities.

The existing impacted area outside of the trail corridor will be rehabilitated with native and imported material helping discourage travel.

The upgrade will consolidate the informal user created trails within this area, identifying one formal route. A site survey was conducted in 09' by the parks Engineer and a preliminary report revealed no significant grade manipulation or excavation would be necessary for this upgrade and impacts would be contained within the existing trail foot print on 3/4 of the loop. In the design, existing impacted trail segments will be utilized where possible. If realignment is necessary for a sustainable design, some vegetation may need removal. In such cases every attempt will be made to salvage and relocate material. Funding has been set aside for Plateau Restoration to continue rehabilitation of this area..

By relocating the trail corridor outside of the wash area we can retain the surface tread material providing ADA access as well as reduce long term maintenance needs.

The present condition, volume use, recent upgrades and feasibility along with the popularity of Delicate Arch Trail seem to support this request. The equipment is presently being used on the Delicate Arch trail resurfacing project and can easily be redirected to incorporate the Petroglyph Loop. Estimated time needed for project completion is 12 weeks depending on season and visitation volume.

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