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The 2006 Arches Transportation Implementation Plan outlined several improvements to parking areas and roadside pulloffs and other transportation related issues. This plan included constructing a new parking area near the exisiting parking area at the Sand Dune Arch Trailhead. Although the plan did include a diagram of a proposed parking area, according to the plan, a detailed design plan would still need to be prepared for this area prior to implementation. The new parking area would be developed near the vicinity of the existing roadside parking area, but in a slightly different location and configuration than shown in the 2006 Transportation Plan. The parking area would include 20 front-in and 4 RV or 8 standard vehicle parallel spaces (2006 Plan proposed 15 front-in and 4 RV or 8 standard parallel spaces). The parking area will be built up 4-5 ft high with road base and asphalt on top. The parking area will have 3:1 ft slope (3 ft out from the parking edge) that needs to be taken in account when analyzing parking area footprint.

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