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Washington has more public parkland per capita than almost any other densely populated U.S. city- -16 acres for every 1,000 residents- -offering natural areas, formal parks, and recreation amenities. In total, Washington has approximately 9,300 acres of diverse parks and open space.

Several local and federal agencies with distinct missions share responsibility for planning and managing the city's parks. For the first time in 40 years, these agencies are working together to plan for the challenges and opportunities facing our open spaces. The National Capital Planning Commission, the National Park Service, the District Office of Planning, and the District Department of Parks and Recreation have joined forces to create CapitalSpace, a partnership to improve all parks and open spaces.

Washington's population is projected to grow from 581,000 today to nearly 700,000 by 2025. Clearly, demand for parks will increase.

Today, changing demographics and growing interest in health and sustainability encourage consideration of new ways to design and use parks. Skateboarding and dog parks for example were not considered when many parks were established. Further, it is critical that Washington reserve space for commemoration and public events. Our parks and open space must meet all of these demands.

The CapitalSpace partners envision a BEAUTIFUL, HIGH-QUALITY, and UNIFIED park system for the nation's capital that:

- Is SAFE and ACCESSIBLE to everyone who lives in, works in, or visits the city.
Includes a variety of parks and open spaces that CONNECT communities.
- Incorporates STEWARDSHIP and CELEBRATION of natural, cultural, commemorative, and historic spaces.
- Provides a DIVERSITY of passive and active recreation.
Contributes to a HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE and LIVEABLE city.
- Serves as a national and international model of citizen ENGAGEMENT and parks and open space management and COLLABORATION

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