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During extreme thunderstorm events, flash flooding creates excess runoff from the slopes behind this facility. When these events occur the channel around the facility exceeds its capacity allowing water and mud to flow through the security fence. This intrusion of mud and water is an immediate safety hazard from electrocution as moisture contacts the building electrical system.

The diversion wall will require an approximate 4' deep by 4' wide trench be excavated to form and pour a footer to support an 8 foot retaining wall, approximately 4 feet will be above ground level. Total length of this wall is approximately 210 linear feet. Concrete used to construct this 8" thick wall will be colored to best blend with the surrounding soil and rock. Centered on top of this concrete diversion wall will be 2"vertical metal posts spaced at 8 – 10' apart to affix a 4' high muted color metal chain link fence with privacy slats interwoven. The finished fence height will be at the same approximate elevation as the present 8' fence.

Completing this project will eliminate the safety hazard, reduce maintenance time to clean the entire area after such events and protect the government's investment in buildings and equipment.

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