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Create Stone Step-Up on Primitive Loop Slide-off Area

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The project will address resource degradation concerns caused by the off-trail use that is occurring in this area. The heavy use on the planed route has eroded the soil between the fins lengthening the elevation drop forcing visitors to slide off the slickrock.

Because of this visitors over time have accumulated material (juniper/pinion) from the surrounding area and have placed it at the bottom of the fin to reduce the drop.

This pile of debris seems to have the reverse effect in keeping visitors on the trail. Some visitors do not seem comfortable sliding into a pile of sticks and logs so they look for an alternate route impacting an even larger area.

A constructed rock step-up in this area would greatly reduce the impacts occurring outside the trail corridor by providing the most obvious and safest route.

Utilizing the native rock located close to this site, a 5ft. step-up would be installed and built in such a way to keep within the parameters of the Backcountry Zone.

Implementing this modification should have a positive affect in reducing the resource degradation presently occurring at this location.

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