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Stablilize Historic Visitor Center Bridge (CCC Bridge)

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Constructed by the CCC in 1941, the Visitor Center Bridge, also known as the Moab Canyon Wash Culvert (LCS ID #51725, Structure # HS-29) is listed on the National REgister of Historic Places and also is included on the park's LCS. It originally provided access into Arches National Park until 2003, when a new entrance road was constructed. It still functions as a culvert for channeling flash flood run-off from Bloody Mary Wash. Because of this periodic flooding, previous routine maintenance has focused on the rip-rap that protects the base from eroding and exposing the foundation walls and it is time to perform this maintenance again.

This project will replace eroded rip-rap around the base of the structure stem walls on both the upstream and downstream sides of the bridge. Maintenance personnel will assist with the project and to operate all the heavy equipment. A cultural resource person will be periodically onsite during the work to monitor and document the project progression.

Contact Information

Sabrina Henry 435-719-2135