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A performance of Sandburg's Rooabaga Stories on the stage of the current amphitheater beside the Sandburg home.

Relocate Amphitheater to Restore Historic Landscape

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The NationalPark Service is planning a project that will allow Carl Sandburg Home to rehabilitate a portion of cultural landscape adjacent to the historic Sandburg Home. This project is part of the preferred alternative in the park's 2003 General Management Plan. The visitor facility, an amphitheater that seats about 120 people, was built prior to any comprehensive visitor services planning. In its current location beside the house, it detracts from the historic atmosphere of the Sandburg estate. Relocation of the visitor facility is needed to restore the cultural landscape.

The location of the new amphitheater was determined through an exhaustive process and will include seating for 225 people, accessible paths, seating and listening devises, and will provide minimal audio or visual intrusion to the historic landscape. The historic landscape upon which the current amphitheater is located will be restored after the existing facility is removed.

Contact Information
Connie Hudson Backlund, Superintendent
Tel.: (828) 693-4178