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The project will address the unnatural eroding soil condition due to heavy use. The deterioration of the gravel tread has worn through to the natural surface causing rutting and displacement concerns. In order to preserve the soil resource a resurfacing action is proposed.

The proposed work will consist of utilizing the existing gravel material on site, gathering the migrated material that has accumulated on the trail edges then relocating it back onto the trail surface and remixing with a soil binder (magnesium chloride). If this mix cannot provide a displacement and erosion resistant wearing surface, more soil separates may be needed such as reject sand, which may need to be hauled in by power carrier. To keep cost at a minimum, salvaged soil extracted from other areas within the park will be explored and used if possible. The stabilization of existing water bars, retaining walls and steps will also be addressed in this request as well as a washed out section which has been roped off due to recent rains.

Using hand tools such as shovels, rakes, mcleods etc. in combination with a small compact utility tiller, blade and compacting plate will allow for the safest and most efficient use of labor resources. Conducting this project in the off season when visitation is down will not only minimize visitor complaints but, will allow for more treatment coverage per dollar.

The working segment of trail will be roped off and a safe single lane access will be provided for visitors around the project sites. If and when heavy foot traffic arises, a control plan will be implemented to reduce further resource damages.

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Dave Wood 435-719-2133