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ORV Management Plan and Regulation

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Lake Meredith was created for the impoundment and diversion of water for Texas panhandle municipalities in the early 1960s. In 1990, Lake Meredith became a national recreation area for the purpose of providing for public outdoor recreation use and to protect the scenic, scientific, cultural, and other values contributing to the public enjoyment of Lake Meredith's lands and waters.

There are two authorized off-road vehicle (ORV) use areas at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (Recreation Area) Blue Creek and Rosita (also known as Rosita Flats). The two areas were designated as ORV areas in the 1970s by special regulation 36 CFR ยง 7.57. ORV use is authorized from cutbank to cutbank along approximately 275 acres of Blue Creek . ORVs are allowed in the Rosita area below the 3,000 foot elevation.

In 2005, Lake Meredith NRA and other park units were sued for allowing ORV use in areas without a special regulation and for failing to monitor ORV use. In response to the lawsuit, the Recreation Area initiated this planning effort in October of 2007 with internal scoping. The plan, and revised regulation if needed, will address ORV use at both Rosita and Blue Creek.

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