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This project is part of the digital, narrowband radio system upgrade for the Southeast Utah Group. This repeater is necessary to provide a link to the Bald Mesa base station and establish radio coverage for Delicate Arch, Wolf Ranch, Fiery Furnace and the general Salt Valley Wash area. Currently, very limited radio coverage exists in these areas. The repeater will enhance communications for NPS personnel in the event of search & rescue operations or other law enforcement incidents in this area. The repeater is self-contained, transportable and will have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. This unit is much smaller than the typical radio repeater site. All components can be hidden from view at the selected site. The color of the outside case will be brown or gray to blend into the surrounding landscape. The solar panel will be placed on the ground rather than elevated. Nothing will be permanently mounted, but the equipment is to be left there indefinitely while needed. No digging will take place.

NPS staff visited the site and selected an appropriate location to screen the equipment from views looking from Panorama Point overlook and from the main road. No digging will be necessary. Portable equipment will be placed on the ground and locked with a cable to a juniper tree. The solar panel is small and will be oriented to the south, so that the side of the panel, rather than the front, will face the parking lot.

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