Arches HQ Water Line Upgrade

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This project will allow sections of the main water line at Arches headquarters to be turned off and serviced while allowing water to be fed to other buildings at headquarters. It will also provide increased water flows for fire protection to the new Visitor Center.

The work of this project will be to add a second 8 inch water main to the existing 6 inch water main. The new 8 inch line will run approximately parallel to the existing line and will be buried to a depth of four feet. Other work of this contract will be to relocate three fire hydrants, and to replace the following water lines: 2 inch well water line from well to chlorination building, 2 inch fill line from chlorination building to the water tank, and service lines to the maintenance shop, residences, the Inventory and Monitoring building, the 4 unit apartment and the Rock House. Impacts to visitors will include temporary interruptions to water and toilet service at the VC. Impacts to park employees will also be a temporary shut down of water at work sites and residences. The project specifications describe the procedure the contractor is to perform before shutting off water to any buildings in the headquarters area, including a requirement that the contractor provide portable toilets if water is to be shut off for more than 15 minutes. These sections also require that the Arches service road and the residences road remain open for at least one lane during construction.

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