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The park has received a request for a special use permit from the Lance Armstrong Foundation for an organized bicycle ride in the park on Monday March 5th, as part of the annual Moab Skinny Tire Festival. Cyclists would ride from Moab into the park on the main park road, continuing to Devils Garden, then returning to Moab by the same route. This would not be a race, just a friendly ride; the festival is a fundraiser to benefit the foundation.

Organizers expect about 400 riders. Start times would be staggered so that riders do not all arrive at the entrance station simultaneously. They would begin arriving around 7:00-7:30 AM, and are expected to mostly be out of the park by early afternoon.

The event would supply two volunteers to help with the flow of traffic through the park entrance station; there would be a "Walk Zone" where riders would be required get off their bikes to walk through the entrance station. The entrance station would have a special bicycle lane set up.

The organizers would also have shuttle vehicles available to transport cyclists from Lions Park to LaSal Mountain Viewpoint if they do not want to ride up the switchbacks at the park entrance.

There would be three aid stations in the park: one at the LaSal Mountain Viewpoint; one at Panorama Point; and one at the Devils Garden Picnic Area. The aid stations would consist of not more than two vehicles and a table with water, energy snacks and first aid equipment. No vending would be permitted. All areas will remain open to the public and traffic would not be hindered. Portable toilets would be set up at the LaSal Mountain Viewpoint, Panorama Point and Devils Garden Picnic area for the day of the event.

A commercial photographer would have four photo stations in the park: at Devils Garden picnic area, just past Park Avenue, before Courthouse Wash and near Skyline Arch. The photographer at the Devils Garden picnic area would be taking video.

Contact Information

Dave Wood 435-719-2133