Replace fixed anchors on rock climbing routes

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The park proposes to authorize representatives of the American Safe Climbing Association to use battery powered hand drills to replace highly visible and obtrusive, existing rock climbing anchor systems (bolts or fixed pitons) with smaller, camouflaged and safer systems. These placements would also help minimize some of the resource damage that is occurring because of the older systems currently in place. A small battery powered motorized drill will be utilized for the project to allow for less drill time and better anchor holes so that less equipment is need for the anchor system. The battery powered drill is also quieter than hand drills when considering how much more quickly a hole can be drilled (three to five minutes per hole versus 25-30 minutes per hole with a hand drill). Hand drilled holes can be "imperfect" and may require additional backup holes and/or equipment in order to make the anchor safer. With motorized drills, fewer backup holes will be needed.

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