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Need for project: Campground hosts are integral to the efficient operation of the Devils Garden Campground. Staff relies on hosts from early March through October. Site #35 has been designated as the "lower" host site, and has been utilized for the past few years. We have noticed that our hosts have been coming in larger and larger motor homes, often the only homes they own and live in year-round. A few have come in smaller vehicles (e.g., vans), but then generally have a small travel trailer or a small utility trailer. The current site is not adequate for parking for these vehicles. A towing vehicle (e.g., truck which tows a fifth-wheel trailer) can be parked at the restroom/trailhead parking nearby. However, sometimes the extra vehicle or trailer needs to be in the site itself. There also needs to be a parking place for the golf cart at the site.

Description of proposed work:

1) Enlarge site to accommodate larger or multiple vehicles. This will involve removing and grading one small vegetated mound, approximately 1'H x 10' L x 6' W. It contains three clumps of blackbrush, 1 or 2 dead snakeweed, 2-3 dead yuccas and 1 live snakeweed plant. This mound is located about 15' beyond (behind) the current water/sewer/electric hookup area. The existing asphalt pavement is approximately 11' wide, and this should accommodate most needs, so pavement will not be expanded to cover this area at this time, but may be considered when the entire campground is repaved in the future.
2) Move the grey electrical box connection to the back of the small asphalt pad where it is currently located. (This will provide more width to the site, in the event a host has an unusually large vehicle and parks it at a slight angle to the main campground road.)
3) Replace the green flat-on-the-ground electrical box cover with one which can be driven on.

Contact Information

Dave Wood 435-719-2133