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Flooding of Salt Wash in October 2006 cut a new channel, removing a section of the Delicate Arch trail and bypassing the existing bridge over the wash near Wolfe Ranch. The trail has been temporarily rerouted to cross the wash on the shoulder of the Delicate Arch viewpoint road, but directing large numbers of visitors onto a road shoulder next to drivers with limited visibility presents hazards. The park is initiating an environmental assessment (EA) process to analyze alternatives for the trail crossing. Until the EA process is completed and a long-term solution is selected, a temporary wash crossing, separated from traffic hazards, is needed.

The park proposes to install a temporary wooden bridge/boardwalk across the new channel, to reconnect the trail to the existing bridge. 6" x 6" posts would be set in the ground, about 3 feet above the channel, to serve as footings. The bridge would be built of 2 glue-lam beams, mounted on the footings and spanning the channel, with a deck of 6 x 6s and handrails made of plastic lumber. No footings, fill or other artificial material would be placed in the stream itself. Approximately 5 steps made of 6 x 6s would be placed in the bank above each side of the bridge, to connect the temporary bridge to the existing trail and bridge. The structure would be removed when a permanent solution is implemented

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