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Project Location: The Courthouse Wash drainage within Arches has been subject to ongoing initial treatment from the park boundary to the confluence with the Colorado River. This project has been implemented on an annual basis since 1999. Several other drainages at Arches have been successfully controlled and restored. The following sections may be treated in this year's effort:
• from the second side canyon below the bridge in the park, down to highway 191, and
• from the upstream (west) park boundary to a half mile below the Seven Mile Canyon junction

Project Description:
The Lake Mead Exotic Plant Management Team proposes to control exotic trees, including tamarisk and Russian olive, which degrade biological and physical resources. These trees consume excessive amounts of water that could otherwise be used for native aquatic animal species and desirable native plants. Access to the project site will be by foot; crews will carry all gear and supplies to accomplish the project. Cut slash will be piled out of the streambed and left in place for degradation or burning. Slash piles will be burned at a later date, after drying.

Methods: The team will cut off tree trunks near the ground and precisely spray small amounts of herbicide on stumps and small-diameter sprouts. Selective treatments will not harm non-target plants.

Herbicides: 25% Garlon 4 (DOW) mixed with 75% JLB Vegetable penetrating oil. Aquatic areas will be treated using Habitat (BASF) herbicide mixed at 10% with water and Kinetic surfactant.

Equipment: Chainsaws and backpack sprayers

Crew Size: 20 person crew

Dates: October 17-22, 2006

Contact Information

Dave Wood 435-719-2133