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The public scoping period for the proposed construction of a narrowband radio repeater on Navajo Mountain has been extended until 12/04/2006. Additional documents that graphically represent the line of site analysis and what the tower may look like from Rainbow Bridge National Monument have been added to this site to assit the public in their review of the proposal. Navajo Mountain lies within the Navajo Nation in southern part of Utah and lies outside of the park boundary to the south. The summit of Navajo Mountain is visible from various areas of the park including Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The new site development is approximately one mile north of the current developed area on the summit of Navajo Mountain and will include a 100 foot tower and utility shed to house radio and electronic equipment. The site will be limited to only those telecommunications users who provide life, health, and safety functions in the surrounding jurisdictions. This site development is critical to the public safety function of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area because of crowding and unusability (blocking terrain) of the existing Navajo Mountain site. Glen Canyon NRA is working with the local Navajo Mountain Chapter, the Navajo Nation, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the General Services Administration to obtain the required right-of-way for this site. Graphics detailing line of sight analysis and visual respresentation from Rainbow Bridge are available for viewing by clicking the Document List to the left.

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