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GGNRA completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Marin Equestrian Stables Plan in October 2011. The Plan/EA proposes options for the future use of four Marin County stables located on GGNRA land in the Marin Headlands (Rodeo Valley), Tennessee Valley, and Muir Beach. The plan proposes actions to improve Best Management Practices and site planning, increase protection of natural resources, and preserve the cultural resources that abound at the stables. NPS received over 200 public comments on the Environmental Assessment (EA), and the Park's Preferred Alternative, Alternative B, Option B2. Comments included suggestions ranging from trail use to NPS Park Horse Patrol locations to site planning issues at each site.

On August 22, Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) Superintendent Frank Dean announced the release of the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Marin Equestrian Stables Plan and Environmental Assessment (Plan). The decision (FONSI) completes the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process for the Plan. The Plan is now approved for implementation.

The Plan describes the future management of NPS stables in Marin County. The NPS Marin stables included in the plan are:
> Golden Gate Dairy stables
> Rodeo Valley stables
> Tennessee Valley stables
> Lower Tennessee Valley stables

The Plan and FONSI are available by clicking on the "Document List" tab on the left side of this screen.

The approved Marin Equestrian Stables Plan (MESP) will guide future activities and development at GGNRA stables in Marin. For the stables in Marin, the Plan identifies:
> Environmental Best Management Practices to be implemented for everyday stables operations.
> Maximum number of horses that can be stabled
> Programs, Outreach and Use for the General Public
> Structural Repairs and Improvements to Contributing Historic Structures
> Sanitation Improvements
> Safety and Emergency Plans
> General Site Improvements to Non‐historic Facilities
> Sustainability

From the four alternatives analyzed in the Plan/EA, the Pacific West Regional Director selected Alternative B Option 2 (as modified) for implementation. The selected alternative will allow three of the four existing sites to continue to provide equestrian programs in their current locations. These are the Golden Gate Dairy, Tennessee Valley, and the Rodeo Valley sites. The current operators (who will be invited to submit proposals for continued operations) are Ocean Riders of Marin, Miwok Stables Center, and the Presidio Riding Club. The fourth stable- the National Park Service (NPS) Park Horse Patrol stable in Lower Tennessee Valley - will be closed. The program will be relocated to Rodeo Valley where the Presidio Riding Club currently operates. NPS will co-locate at Rodeo Valley stable with the future lessee. The number of horses for the lessee will be reduced to 12 from the current 19 to accommodate the NPS horses.

The final plan has been expanded to include the repair of the Balloon Hangar for NPS long-term use at the Rodeo Valley stables site and the relocation of the Park Horse Patrol program to Rodeo Valley stables, the site to be shared with an equestrian program lessee.

In Fall of 2013 NPS will release a Request for Proposals to the general public to solicit potential lessees to operate the stable(s) according to the approved plan.

GGNRA will host a public presentation to present the final plan and the future of the stables in GGNRA's Marin lands. Click on the "Meeting Notices" tab on the left hand side of this screen for details.

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