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Hodgdon Meadow Trailer Replacement Project

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Yosemite National Park is considering the construction of a duplex in the Hodgdon
Meadow housing area in order to replace previously removed obsolete trailers that did not
meet National Park Service (NPS) housing standards. This duplex would provide new
housing for two or more park employees. Hodgdon Meadow is one of three residential
areas in the Mather Ranger District.

Private housing in nearby communities is very limited, and Mather District employees face
a shortage of adequate housing. The new duplex would help Yosemite National Park
address this housing shortage and provide a type of housing that meets National Park
Service standards for safety, economy, and quality.

Yosemite National Park identified Hodgdon Meadow as an appropriate area for residential
and administrative facilities development in the 1980 General Management Plan. However,
this project would not expand housing capacity at Hodgdon Meadow, as the proposal is to
replace substandard units that were included in the housing inventory in 1980.

The new duplex would be energy- efficient, bear- proof, affordable to maintain, and would
match the architectural style of the other Hodgdon Meadow buildings. An Environmental Assessment (EA) is being prepared as a part of the planning process for this project.