Proposed Ten Percent Increase in Glacier Bay Cruise Ship Quota Beginning in Year 2007

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Dear Reviewer,

We are soliciting public comment on a proposal to increase the seasonal cruise ship entry quota for Glacier Bay beginning in 2007. Comments of a general nature are less useful to the planning team so we encourage you to be as specific as possible when addressing your support or opposition to the proposed increase. To view supporting documentation and to comment on the proposal click on "Documents and Links". This will provide you with the best available background information and assist you in understanding this complex issue and developing substantive and useful comments.

Summary of Issue:

Federal regulations specific to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve (36 CFR 13.65(b)(2)(v)(C) provide that "by October 1 of each year (beginning in 1998) the superintendent will determine, with the director's approval, the number of cruise ship entries for the following summer season (June 1 through August 31). This determination will be based upon available scientific and other information and applicable authorities. The number will be subject to the maximum daily limit of two vessel use days. The superintendent will publish a document of any revision in seasonal entries in the Federal Register with opportunity for public comment."

In making the proposal for an increase in the seasonal cruise ship quota, the superintendent considered review of the best available scientific information collected both by the National Park Service and by scientists independent of the agency, which were incorporated in the report and recommendations from the Glacier Bay National Park Science Advisory Board, and an assessment of that report provided by the NPS Alaska Regional Science Advisor.

Following a review of public comments submitted in response to this notice, the superintendent will submit the final decision for submission to the director of the National Park Service for approval. If an increase is approved it will be announced in the Federal Register.

We appreciate your participation in this process.

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Allison Banks
Environmental Protection Specialist
Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve