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Lincoln Home National Historic Site General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement

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Dear Friend of Lincoln Home:

I am pleased to announce that the Record of Decision for the General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (GMP/EIS) for Lincoln Home National Historic Site has been signed by Midwest Regional Director Michael T. Reynolds. The preferred alternative, Alternative 2, "A Retreat from Modern Life in the Heart of the City," as described in the Abbreviated Final GMP/EIS issued in November 2011, was selected. Under the selected action the National Park Service will focus on providing visitor opportunities to experience the historic Lincoln neighborhood as Lincoln knew it during his residence in Springfield, Illinois.

Issues addressed by the GMP/EIS include: increased operational efficiency; rehabilitation of the historic Lincoln Home neighborhood; consolidated administrative facilities; a modern maintenance facility; a new curatorial facility; new visitor facilities; and expanded interpretive and educational programs. Under this general management plan, national historic site management will focus on rehabilitating the historic neighborhood landscape to offer visitors a strong sense of the neighborhood as Lincoln knew it. This goal will be accomplished by extensive rehabilitation at the core of the site, but less extensive rehabilitation away from the core. The Lincoln lot will be restored if there is sufficient documentation.

This final plan is the culmination of an extensive team effort that included consultation and coordination with federal, state, and local officials and members of the general public via newsletters, public meetings, and other means.

The next step in the process is to have the Record of Decision published in the Federal Register. Full implementation of the GMP/EIS may be delayed until the publication is completed, but the park will begin the process to implement the priorities set out in the GMP/EIS. All projects will be contingent on funding from Congress.

We appreciate your interest in Lincoln Home National Historic Site and your assistance in developing this important plan for the future.

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