Create second heirloom garden in Dean House (HS-13) backyard (Block 7, Lot 11)

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As part of the expanding interpretation plan for the Lincoln Home site's cultural landscape, this project will create a second heirloom garden across from the established garden in the backyard of the Dean House (HS-13). The garden will be a raised bed garden, approximately 10' x 10', using 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" unpainted boards and wooden stakes to create a frame, approximately 18 - 24" high. A compost bin, approximately 33" x 37" built in the same manner, will be constructed near the garden. The garden will be located in the mid-yard area. To aid visitors in interacting with the gardeners, the northern edge of the garden will be about a foot from the established walkway. This will also provide groundskeepers the space to be able to mow between the garden and the fence line on the southern edge of the lot. The garden will also be over 10' away from the non-historic barn and outhouse located at the back of the lot, again to allow groundskeepers to mow between it. The raised bed is a mitigation because the area has not been surveyed or excavated for archeological sites, and the fill dirt will be clean dirt acquired from a local supplier.

The garden will be cared for by the Master Gardeners of Sangamon County, with assistance from Boys & Girls Club members. Besides serving as an interpretive space to discuss historic foodways and partnerships, food from the garden will be sent to a nearby food bank hosted by Grace Lutheran Church, a park in-holding.

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Tim Townsend, 217-391-3241