Replace boardwalks along Jackson Street with concrete from VC to Lincoln Home (HS-01)

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This project will replace existing oak plank boardwalks with exposed aggregate concrete sidewalks on the north and south sides of Jackson Street from the alley behind the Visitor Center to the intersection with the 8th Street boardwalk near the Lincoln Home. The 6' wide x 150' long sidewalks will be replaced at the same width and length. These pedestrian walkways are the main traffic route for visitors visiting the site and have heavy daily use. The project will require moving electrical conduit lines that are currently located between the concrete runners under the boardwalks. The conduit will be extended from a junction box in front of a nearby house through the yards to the streetlights. Open trenching will be done between each street light to run the conduit. Due to 70+ year old tree roots, other buried utilities, and the short distance, boring will not be possible. The area has not been surveyed for archeological sites, but the area has been disturbed in the past for streets, street lights and sidewalks that have been in approximately the same place since the 1840s.

The concrete will be poured to 4" or thicker concrete slab pf 3500 psi strength with #4 reinforcing bar or flat welded wire reinforcing on a 4" sand cushion compacted to 95%. The project will be completed by contract.

Springfield City Ordinance in 1858 (included below) regulated walkways to be a minimum of 3 feet wide and limited to brick, stone or wood materials. Photographs of the Lincoln Home in 1860 and later show brick and board walks in the neighborhood. The park's Cultural Landscape Report (2014), on page ALT B-3 lists the walkways remaining as boardwalks.

Contact Information

Jason Taylor, 217-391-3235