Rehabilitate Visitor Center Accessible Parking and Sidewalks

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This project includes replacement or rehabilitation of sidewalks, curb access points (curb cuts), lighting, and access gates within visitor and parking areas and road accesses throughout the Fort Clatsop Unit of LEWI. One gate will be replaced in the Middle Village/Station Camp Unit. All planned work is replacement in-kind.

1.PMIS 305566 Rehabilitate Visitor Center Parking lot curb cut access points and sidewalks that were installed in the 1960s to correct deficiencies identified in the recent SETP plan document. this document identified areas that were in need of improvements in the park to provide visitor access. This project includes the construction of 700 feet in length by 5 feet wide new ADA/ABBA accessible sidewalks throughout the front parking area of the Lewis and Clark Historic site Visitor Center and removal of existing walking surfaces. The new sidewalks will directly overlay the existing and match the design configuration. Ground disturbance will be minimized to only include areas that contain sub base rock and concrete. This project includes but is not limited to, replacing the sidewalks, patching of paving areas adjacent to the sidewalk, accessibility curb cut replacements and damaged curb gutter replacement were needed due to uplift or settling.

This project also includes rehabilitating the identified accessible parking and sidewalk access curb cuts near the visitor center to improve two ABA compliant parking spaces near the visitor center entrance.

Work will include removal of all the entry brick area and all visitor sidewalks extending from the Visitor center to the RV parking area. Replacement of existing sub grade base that has failed with compaction fill and replacement of any substandard base materials. Work will include removal of roots that have caused uplift with a sharp hand pruning saw. All concrete and brick removed will be recycled at a local collection site. New concrete will be steel reinforced broom finished concrete with a "stove black tint" to ensure a consistent coloring to offset possibility of the grey/white curing patina that occurs in the northwest due to calcification efflorescence. Drainage and parking gutters will remain and continue to serve as the drainage plan for site sidewalks.

All concrete work will be within the existing footprint and depth of existing disturbance. All sub grading that has failed will be replaced in same are or current sidewalk. Elevations and transitions will be in alignment with current Architectural Barriers Act requirements and transition directly into the front of the VC.

Construction will occur in winter directly following the PMIS 224445 Visitor Center Rehabilitation Project. It will likely be contracted in early FY 2022. Day labor and youth will be will be utilized for the demolition of existing and site preparation components of the project.

2. PMIS 254821 Visitor sidewalk Lighting and security Bollards Replacement. Project includes replacing up to 12 each visitor center bollards and 4 staff Parking lighting bollards in like area of disturbance using existing wiring with a Dept. of Homeland Security approved bollard designs seen in attached photos 1&2. and a Dark sky lighting approved lighting bollard. the security bollards will be placed into a 18" by 18" cube of steel reinforced concrete as shown in attached photo. The 4 each lighting bollards will utilize existing wiring and holes and require no additional footing for security. Bollards with be powdered coated national Park service Oxford brown. The lighted bollards will have dark sky approved LED lighting. The removable bollards will be utilized in front of VC and located only within existing are of disturbance, or in area of current bollard, utilizing existing wiring. There is one Middle village bollard install that will be a surface mounted bolt down into existing concrete causing no ground disturbance, see picture 3.

3. 255013 Maintain Park Gates at including gates located at Park entrance, South Netul Parking, North Netul Parking, Fort to Seas Parking, Burn road and Middle village. This project includes but is not limited to maintaining gates in current footprint to meet operational and physical security requirements. Existing post locations and lock open posts locations will be utilized in this project while replacing any damaged and rotted wooden components. this project is to replace rotted posts, gate beams, and hardware that has reached its usable service life. All gates will be serviced and replacements in like kind, and painted the standard NPS oxford brown.