Photo of the accessible bird-viewing platform near the West Pond Visitor Center, looking out over Jamaica Bay on a winter day, with an osprey nest visible across a saltmarsh.

JBU East and West Pond Stewardship Plan

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The National Park Service (NPS) proposes to develop a Stewardship Plan for the East and West Pond area of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge within the Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area (GATE). The proposed Stewardship Plan would identify management actions related to the protection of resources including freshwater ponds, migratory bird species, resident wildlife species, aquatic resources, upland habitats, vernal pools, wetlands, and soundscapes. The Stewardship Plan would also outline objectives related to engaging a diverse community of visitors and volunteers, managing a robust volunteer workforce, education and interpretation, and providing opportunities for continued public use and enjoyment of the East and West Pond area.

The proposed effort would result in a plan for providing visitor use in the East and West Pond area and preserving them as important habitat for a wide range of species. The resulting plan would support the NPS mission, the park's purpose, and the park's approved General Management Plan.

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