Photo of cracked window on south side of Cook House

Emergency repair to Cook House (HS-19) window on south side

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A one-over-one glass paned window is cracked and the frame needs repair/replaced. The window is located on the south elevation, second floor, furthest west. The window frame and glass may have been replaced in 1990-91 when the house was restored. The window glass cracked in the lower right corner and will be replaced completely. The frame will be checked and repaired or replaced in-kind as needed. To protect the house, a painted-to-match piece of plywood and weather stripping will be installed in the window area. When the window is re-installed, it will be primed and painted to match the rest of the trim that is being repainted at this time. The window is not within the viewshed of the Lincoln Home or Visitor Center.

Contact Information

Jason Taylor, 217-391-3235