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The Environmental Assessment (EA) on Maintaining Finley Creek Road Access through Continued Removal of Gravel has been completed and finalized, with a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

In July 2005, the park released the Environmental Assessment (EA) on Maintaining Finley Creek Road Access through Continued Removal of Gravel for public comment. The EA examined several alternatives for protecting the Quinault North Shore Road's Finley Creek bridge and maintaining access to the Quinault Valley.

The selected alternative, Alternative C in the EA, involves bulldozing accumulated gravel to maintain channel specifications at the Finley Creek bridge site. Some of the bulldozed gravels will be removed, crushed at a nearby location and used for road and trail projects in the Quinault and Queets valleys within the park.

Bulldozing has occurred in the stream channel for many years in order to protect the Finley Creek bridge from washout and storm damage. The stream channel has been modified over time by human activities, including the 1940s placement of log cribbing about one mile upstream from the bridge. The cribbing has altered the stream course, causing excess rock and gravel to be eroded from the banks, adding unnaturally large amounts of material to the stream bed and placing the bridge at risk of damage or washout each winter.

While bulldozing within the stream channel provides immediate protection for the bridge and road access, geologists and water resource specialists, as well as natural resource and fisheries experts are working to develop long-term solutions for this area that would allow continued access while restoring and protecting the natural fluvial processes.

Both the FONSI and EA are also available by clicking on "Management Docs" at the Olympic National Park website, and are attached to this website.

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