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Alexander Hamilton Estate Grange and Other Sites, Special Resource Study

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Welcome to the project website for the Alexander Hamilton, Estate Grange and Other Sites Special Resource Study. The National Park Service will use this website to display public information throughout the course of the study. Meeting dates and locations will be posted here, along with a draft special resource study, once the document is ready for public review.

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The National Park Service is conducting a special resource study involving Estate Grange and other sites on St. Croix that are associated with Alexander Hamilton's childhood. Regarded as the architect of our nation's financial system, Hamilton was the first secretary of the treasury and one of our nation's founding fathers. Congress directed the secretary of the interior to complete this special resource study in consultation with the governor of the Virgin Islands through the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. This act was signed into law by President Obama.

The purpose of the study is to gather information about the candidate sites through historical research and public input, and then to report findings to Congress. The special resource study will evaluate the potential of these areas for inclusion in the national park system based upon whether they meet established criteria for significance, suitability, and feasibility. Applying these criteria consistently helps the National Park Service to weigh the relative merits of potential park units and to ensure that only those most deserving of designation are included within the national park system. The special resource study may also weigh other management options.

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