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Fort Baker Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision

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The National Park Service is planning the future of the Fort Baker with the help of private, public and non-profit organizations. The non-profit Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy will develop and manage The Institute at the Golden Gate, which will focus on current critical environmental issues. The Fort Baker Retreat Group, LLC, a private firm, will manage and operate a conference and retreat center called Cavallo Point, The Lodge at the Golden Gate. Fort Baker's three existing tenants, the Bay Area Discovery Museum, Travis AFB Sailing Center, and the United States Coast Guard will continue their programs at the site.

Cavallo Point, The Lodge at the Golden Gate, will be open for business in the summer of 2008. Currently at Fort Baker, most of the historic military post area is an active construction site; it is closed and off-limits to the public. Over 28 historic buildings, including houses, barracks, a gymnasium and a chapel, are being rehabilitated to national historic preservation standards to ensure that the significant historic features are maintained. New lodging units, currently being constructed, will be environmentally-friendly and architecturally-sensitive to the historic area. Landscape improvements, such as the restoration of the main parade ground by NPS to its historic period, are also part of the project. We expect the construction fencing in and around the parade ground and the Lodge area to come down in May-June 2008.

A Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) were issued for the Fort Baker Plan in 1999-2000. Following the ROD, the NPS and City of Sausalito came to an agreement to limit the size of the retreat center. Following this agreement, the NPS consulted with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) to approve a consistency determination for a revised project that limited the number of rooms for the retreat and conference center to 225. BCDC then issued a Conditional Consistency Determination (CD) for the project. The FEIS, ROD and BCDC CD comprise the environmental analysis for the project.

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