Repair Washed Out Drainage Ditch at Arches HQ Area

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An existing drainage ditch in the Arches headquarters area was washed out during flash floods in October 2006. This ditch catches rain runoff from the slickrock area and park entrance road uphill of the visitor center, housing area, historic administration building and septic systems. Rain water flooded the area where the septic tank, manholes and leach field are located. Silt was deposited in the tanks and down the inspection pipes of the leach field. If this ditch is not repaired and strengthened, the next flash flood will flood the area again, making the septic system inoperable and forcing the closure of the visitor center.

Three inch diameter recycled plastic fence rails will be bolted together into one to two foot high panels eight feet long. The panels will then be partially buried into the inside bank of the ditch to prevent the earth and rock ditch from eroding during flood events. Vegetation will grow up between the logs adding additional stabilization to the bank. The plastic logs will not rot and, by being partially buried and anchored by two vertical logs per panel, will not wash away. The American Conservation Experience crews will be used to do the work. This is repair to an existing structure. The ditch will first be cleaned of overgrowing vegetation which will be placed into a dumpster and hauled away.

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