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In response to requests received on behalf of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and from local and state government elected officials, the National Park Service (NPS) is undertaking an Environmental Assessment (EA) of the potential impacts associated with the proposed extension of water and sewer lines beneath the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Parkway) at its interchange with MD Route 198. The EA will examine two alternatives, the "no-build" alternative that will evaluate the potential impacts of extending existing water and sewer lines along the MD Route 198 corridor without crossing the Parkway. The second alternative will assess the potential impacts of NPS issuing a Right-of-Way permit to Anne Arundel County, authorizing the installation, operation and maintenance of underground utility lines beneath the Parkway. As proposed, NPS intends to condition its permit to the County by imposing certain restrictions designed to preclude visual intrusions to the Parkway's viewshed. Such restrictions would concern building setback limits, and the height and exterior finishes of buildings constructed on neighboring properties located within specified distances from the Parkway boundary. In addition to imposing building restrictions, NPS will also seek to mitigate potential impacts through implementing a series of enhancements designed to protect, as well as supplement, the existing resources within the boundaries of the Parkway and the adjoining Patuxent Research Refuge.

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