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Fort Snelling Lower Post PPU Amendment

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The Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) is proposing a revitalization project at Historic Fort Snelling, also referred to as the Lower Post. The project is expected to entail changes to historic and non-historic structures as well as to the landscape at the site. When the Lower Post was transferred from the Federal Government to the State of Minnesota through the Historic Monuments Program in the 1960s, a Program of Preservation and Utilization (PPU) was attached to the deed to guide how the site would be used and preserved into the future. MNHS is seeking to amend this PPU to accommodate the proposed project. Because amending the PPU requires National Park Service (NPS) approval, it constitutes an undertaking as defined by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. Therefore, both the amendment to the PPU and the proposed revitalization project are included in the undertaking.

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