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Photo of the lot overall showing the Dean House and Barn

Repair and paint Dean House (HS-13) and Dean Barn (HS-13A)

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This project will consist of repairing and painting the exteriors of the Dean House (HS-13), built in the 1840s, and the Dean Barn (HS-13A), built in 2008. The Dean House was last painted in 2009. There is extensive siding damage on the west side and will require new sheathing, vapor barrier, and new cedar siding in some places. New flashing needs to be added above the windows on the west side as well where the current flashing is failing and allowing extensive leaking. Two windows on the West side of the structure will also need sill and sash repair. The southeast porch needs all new decking and three posts need replacing. There is approximately 6,141 SF paintable surface on the Dean House including 25 windows with trim, 4 doors with trim, fascia, downspouts, guttering and 277 SF of porches.

The Dean Barn was last painted in 2010 and has 600 SH of surface area to paint. All necessary repairs will be made followed by sanding and scraping. A primer coat and two finish coats of exterior latex will be applied by brushwork

Contact Information

Sheryle Lindley, 217-391-3229