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Image of boardwalk behind the Dubois House (HS-15).

Repair or remove boardwalks in park on Block 6

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An angled section of boardwalk behind the Maintenance office (Dubois House, HS-15) has rotten runners and loose boards. Runners were dipped oak and have rotted away from the center out, but are being replaced with pressure-treated pine to last longer. The boards will be replaced in-kind with oak. This was an emergency project to eliminate a safety hazard. No ground disturbance will occur.

A 7.5' x 3' long boardwalk will be removed from between the Miller House (HS-14), which is not in use, and the Sprigg House (HS-11). The boardwalk is no longer in use and is rotting. To eliminate the potential safety hazard, the boardwalk will be removed and clean fill will be installed.

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Bob Trenter, 217-391-3242