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photo of Bartlett Cove as viewed from the water

Frontcountry Management Plan

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Dear Friends,

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve has ended public comment on the management plan and environmental assessment for the Bartlett Cove area.
The finalized plan provides management direction specific to visitor experiences, facilities, services, and day-to-day NPS decisions and activities for 7,120 acres of scenic rainforest and coastal waters in Southeast Alaska, and day uses originating from Bartlett Cove into adjacent designated Wilderness.

Elements of the Plan

Part I - Planning Vision: A long-term, shared vision for Bartlett Cove that is responsive to visitor needs, discloses cumulative impacts, and articulates a path to guide future stewardship, activities, decision-making, and investment priorities with transparency and accountability to the American public.

Part II - Environmental Assessment: Analyses of the cumulative impacts of the implementing the vision and specific actions in the plan ready for meaningful analysis at the time of planning.

Part III - Finding of No Significant Impact: A decision document for implementation of the plan that amends and corrects the Environmental Assessment, and incorporates public review comments and NPS corrections.

Appendices: Defines how park managers will minimize and reduce impacts during implementation, and describes the overall planning process.

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