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BRVA- Comprehensive Trail Plan

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The National Park Service (NPS) is developing a Comprehensive Trail Plan / Environmental Assessment for the Brandywine Valley unit of First State National Historical Park. The purpose of the plan is to establish a cohesive and sustainable trail system. The plan will define a designated shared-use trail network that provides high-quality recreational opportunities, promotes visitor safety and enjoyment, preserves connectivity with leased property within the Park unit and neighboring properties, and supports the purposes for which FRST was established.

The park currently manages approximately 23 miles of trails, ranging from agricultural roads to former single lane dirt roads and single-track recreational trails. Trail use has never been comprehensively planned or assessed in the Brandywine Valley unit; the NPS inherited an existing trail network from the previous landowner and multiple trails have been added over the years without management approval or official consideration of impacts on public safety or natural and cultural resources. As a result, portions of the trail network suffer from increased erosion and tread wear, have poor connectivity, and do not offer a high-quality user experience.

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