Preliminary Alternative Concepts Workbook

The purpose of this workbook is to share the range of preliminary alternative concepts we have developed for the Merced River Plan and to solicit feedback. Our intent is to describe our planning process and to share our thinking at this point and time. We appreciate your involvement to date and hope you will continue to stay engaged and provide additional input during this phase in the planning process.

The National Park Service is committed to a collaborative, interdisciplinary planning approach with frequent opportunities for public involvement and information sharing. Within this Merced Wild and Scenic River Plan Alternative Concepts Workbook, the park outlines a set of preliminary alternative concepts for your consideration. Please bear in mind that these will be refined and developed in greater detail based on your feedback.

Input we receive during internal and external workshops, site visits, and the administrative and public review of these preliminary alternative concepts will be examined, synthesized, and used to refine the alternatives that will be analyzed in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

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Comment Period: Closed        Mar 19, 2012 - May 9, 2012
Topic Questions:
1. Do the alternatives address the stated goals for this plan? Explain.
2. Feedback on Alternative Concept 1
3. Feedback on Alternative Concept 2
4. Feedback on Alternative Concept 3
5. Feedback on Alternative Concept 4
6. Feedback on Alternative Concept 5
7. Which alternative(s) or ideas from any alternative do you prefer?
8. Which alternative(s) or ideas from any alternative create new concerns?
9. Are there other reasonable alternatives that should be considered?
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