Alternatives Development Planning Workbook

The NPS will use your feedback to help create a range of reasonable and feasible management alternatives to address the primary management challenges and the site-specific issues presented on the following pages. The management considerations in this workbook reflect locations and instances where decisions need to be made and management actions need to be taken to protect and improve river values or visitor experience. We have selected topics for this workbook based on complexity and public interest, or because stakeholders have expressed strongly divergent opinions about the subject. Though an interdisciplinary team of experienced park staff is evaluating hundreds of such considerations, we are highlighting only 35 in this collaborative workbook. A complete list of the management considerations will be available at

This workbook provides a window into our process and represents a high degree of transparency. With this opening up of the process, please recognize that our team is in a period of deliberation and exploration as we begin to think about packaging these options into feasible alternatives, and our strategies to address our most significant management challenges.

All of the options we consider in the draft plan must achieve the goals of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act to protect and enhance river values. In some cases, a "take no action" option may be feasible if that management consideration can be addressed in a different way. The options beginning on page 13 are not ranked in any order of preference and provide different ways to protect the river and its values. We invite you to help us consider how these options might be
combined into a range of plan alternatives.

For some of the management challenges for which a specific range of options has not yet been developed, we have asked more open ended questions about how these should be addressed (pages 8–10 and 27).

Comment Period: Closed        Oct 14, 2011 - Dec 14, 2011
Topic Questions Instructions:
Please download your copy of the workbook by clicking on the Planning Workbook file below.

You can submit your comments through this site by clicking the Comment on Document button near the top of this page. We recommend that you compose your letter off-line so you can save a copy for your records.

You can also complete the fillabe comment pages in the back of the workbook electronically or by hand. Print and/or save these pages and email them to: or mail them to the address provided below.
Topic Questions:
1. Suggestions on how you might use the workbook include:
• Read through the management consideration statements and the range of options identified to address them.
• Rank the options in the order you prefer them, or note your top choice.
• Cross out any options that you find unacceptable and note why.
• Describe in writing any new ideas that you might have, or modifications to existing options that are presented.

After you have reviewed all sections of the workbook, consolidate your choices and look at them holistically. Please consider the following questions:
• Do all of your choices work together?
• Are there conflicts between some of the options? If so, how could they be resolved?
• How would you explain your choices to someone else? Is there a theme or a commonality among your choices?
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