Photo of the existing outbuildings at City Point including the kitchen-laundry building (left), the "old smokehouse" (furthest right structure), " new smokehouse" (middle structure on the right), and  " dairy" (closest structure on the right).

Draft PA for Public Review

The dairy, and smokehouses are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places a part of the City Point National Register District. Although much of the work we are planning will protect these buildings and ensure that they are here for generations to come, we will need to excavate around the foundations of the buildings in order to determine the best way to fix or reconstruct them. We know that people have lived at City point for thousands of years and want to make sure that we adequately record that past.

Because the archeology cannot be done until the buildings are lifted off of their foundation, we have developed a programmatic agreement (PA) to guide how that work is accomplished and make sure that we do our best to protect both the archeology and the buildings during this project.

The PA was developed after consultation with the Virginia State Historic Preservation Office and federally recognized tribes who used this area in the past. Our goal is to avoid, minimize or mitigate adverse effects to historic buildings, landscapes, archeological sites, that may result of the work that we will undertake.

You are invited to comment on the draft PA as part of the public process outlined in the regulations for Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (36 CFR 800). Your comments will be taken into account as we finalize the PA. You may comment through PEPC or via mail at the address listed below. The comment period will run for 30 days from January 13-February 12, 2022.
Comment Period: Closed        01/13/2022 - 02/12/2022
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