Photo of the existing outbuildings at City Point including the kitchen-laundry building (left), the "old smokehouse" (furthest right structure), " new smokehouse" (middle structure on the right), and  " dairy" (closest structure on the right).

Repair & Recovery of Smoke Houses & Dairy Foundations

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Petersburg National Battlefield is proposing a project to repair and preserve several outbuildings in the City Point Unit of the park. These buildings include two smokehouses and a dairy that date to pre-1850s. The work was recommended by a comprehensive historic structure report and will fix rotted wood, replace roofs, paint interior and exterior walls, and fix or rebuild the foundations.

To find out more about the projects and to comment on how we hope to meet our obligations under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Click on the link or open documents on the left.

Contact Information

Alexis Morris
804-732-0171 ext 304