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East Potomac Park National Register Information: Views

Selected pages from the East and West Potomac Parks National Register nomination (1999, signed 2001). The Park Headquarters area is not an indentified cultural landscape. The National Register nomination for East Potomac Park lists as contributing views those that allow unimpeded views to and from distant monuments, the Potomac River and adjacent waterfront, and the low skyline of the city. Primary contributing views are the axial views within the open space and the views from the walk around Hains Point. Views to and/or from the U.S. Engineer's Storehouse are not listed. Since the construction of the U.S. Engineer's Storehouse in 1913, there has been a series of developments and plantings between the building and Ohio Drive, including hedges, trees, fences, buildings/structures, roadways and bicycle corrals (see attached photos). From at least 1940 through the 1980's, the present lawn area in front of the Storehouse was developed with a long semi-circular driveway and smaller structures. The attached photos show the walkway along Ohio Drive and the fenced/enclosed area that remains around Park Headquarters today. The proposed placement of a temporary modular office at Park Headquarters will have no adverse effect on views because historically several smaller structures have been located between the Storehouse and Ohio Drive, and because views to/from the Storehouse and Ohio Drive are not contributing to the National Register.
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