The National Park Service conducted a study to evaluate ways to commemorate and interpret the role of Buffalo Soldiers in the early years of the national park system, enhance historical research, education, and public awareness of their stewardship role in the national parks, and further connect the Buffalo Soldiers story to the national parks and African American military service following the Civil War. The goal of the study was to increase public awareness and understanding of Buffalo Soldiers in the early history of the National Park Service, promote awareness and relevancy of the National Park Service within African American communities, and enhance historical research, education and public awareness related to the Buffalo Soldiers.

The Buffalo Soldiers special resource study was a nationwide study that started in 2016. The National Park Service forwarded its findings to the Secretary of the Interior, who submitted the study to Congress for its consideration.

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Step 1. Information Gathering and Public Scoping
Step 2. Prepare Study
Step 3. Finalize Study and Transmit to Congress *