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As required under the National Environmental Policy Act and National Park Service policy, public input is being solicited that will help refine the proposed action, identify alternate actions meeting the projects purpose and need, and in general identify issues of concern that should be evaluated in detail. This project involves the removal of the existing telecommunication tower and construction of a new tower in approximately the same location. To adequately address impacts from this action and to provide opportunities for public involvement, an environmental assessment will be prepared.
* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Define purpose and need/develop preliminary alternatives
Step 2. Conduct external scoping
Step 3. Identify environmental impacts and select preferred alternative
Step 4. Prepare draft plan/environmental document
Step 5. Public review of draft plan/environmental document *
Step 6. Analysis of public comment
Step 7. Prepare final plan/decision document
Step 8. Release final plan/decision document to the public
Step 9. Analysis of public comment

  Only two alternatives are expected to be evaluated for this project, the preferred and the no-action. The preferred alternative is essentially an in-kind replacement and was developed at the request of Verizon. No other sites within the park are being considered. The no-action alternative would mean the park would continue to use it's taller, lighted tower and Verizon could pursue construction of it's own tower at some nearby location outside the park.