The Arches transportation plan has been developed by an interdisciplinary team, with public involvement an integral part of the planning process. Key stakeholders from the local community and the region, park visitors, and the public at large have been involved since the onset of the process and have provided input on potential actions to address transportation-related needs in the park and the surrounding region.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Project Start-up Fall ‘02
Step 2. Public Scoping Spring ‘03
Step 3. Data Collection Summer ‘03
Step 4. Alternatives Workshop Fall ‘03
Step 5. Internal/Peer Review Summer ‘04
Step 6. Newsletter Update Fall ’04
Step 7. Confirm Alternatives/Select Preferred Alternative Winter ’04/’05
Step 8. Draft Plan/EA Development 2005 - Summer 2006
Step 9. Draft Plan/EA Published / Public Meetings in Moab September '06 *
Step 10. Public Review of Draft Plan/EA Fall '06
Step 11. Decision Document Anticipated January '07