A comment period for this project closes Aug 19, 2022:
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Important steps in the TUSK GMP planning process are outlined below, along with anticipated timelines for completion.

Once the National Park Service has gathered input on desired natural and cultural resource conditions and visitor experiences, as well as other important values related to the monument, the NPS will develop a draft GMP and environmental assessment. During the planning process, the NPS will engage the Tule Springs Advisory Council, affiliated tribes through consultation, and other agencies, stakeholders and the general public in the development of the general management plan.

Development of the GMP is consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act, the National Historic Preservation Act, and other applicable laws and policies. At this time the GMP planning process is expected to result in the development of an Environmental Assessment.

For more details on the project and its timeline, please refer to the "Newsletter", found at the "Document List" link at the left side of this webpage.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Project Commencement - Identify planning issues and opportunities (Winter 2021-2022)
Step 2. Public Engagement - Seeking public feedback on desired natural and cultural resource conditions, visitor experiences, and other important values related to the monument for plan development (Summer 2022). *
Step 3. Refine Strategies and Develop Plan (Fall-Winter 2022).
Step 4. Prepare Plan and Associated Compliance (Winter-Spring 2023).
Step 5. Public review of draft plan/environmental document (Fall 2023).
Step 6. Analysis of Public Comment (early 2024).
Step 7. Prepare final plan/decision document (Spring 2024).
Step 8. Release final plan/decision document to the public (Spring 2024).