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The planning process for the Backcountry Management Plan was initiated on August 31, 1999, with the publication in the Federal Register of a Notice of Intent to prepare an environmental impact statement. Since then, the process has involved extensive consultation with the public, user groups, and government agencies. The process was extended after public comment on the draft plan with a decision to complete a revised draft and take additional public comment before publishing a final plan. The steps of the process, including the revised draft, are outlined below.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Federal Register Notice of Intent, August 1999
Step 2. Public Scoping, Fall 1999
Step 3. Scoping Newsletter with Preliminary Alternatives, January 2001
Step 4. Community Open Houses, January-February 2001
Step 5. Publication of Draft Backcountry Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement, February 2003
Step 6. Public Comment on Draft Plan, February – June 2003
Step 7. Public Comment Summary Newsletter, August 2003
Step 8. Publication of Revised Draft Backcountry Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement, April 2005
Step 9. Public Comment on Revised Draft Plan, April-July 2005
Step 10. Publication of Final Plan, January 2006
Step 11. Record of Decision, February 2006 *