Public involvement is a critical part of the project planning and development process. The National Park Service considers public involvement essential to ensure that the action taken by the NPS provides the greatest benefit to the park environs. Public Involvement provides an opportunity for individuals, representatives of civic groups, public agencies, and governing bodies to offer comments, submit written material, ask questions regarding the proposed project, as well as become informed of the schedule for future events in the process.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Define purpose and need/develop preliminary alternatives
Step 2. Conduct external scoping
Step 3. Refine alternatives
Step 4. Identify environmental impacts and select preferred alternative
Step 5. Prepare draft plan/environmental document
Step 6. Public review of draft plan/environmental document
Step 7. Analysis of public comment
Step 8. Prepare final plan/decision document
Step 9. Release final plan/decision document to the public
Step 10. Implement Plan *