Develop a New Campground at Prisoners Harbor

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The National Park Service (NPS) has completed the planning and compliance for a new campground at Prisoners Harbor on Santa Cruz Island. This project is now approved for implementation.

As proposed in the 2015 General Management Plan, the campground will include rustic campsites with a maximum capacity of 24 overnight visitors. The final plan incorporates suggestions from both public comment periods. Modifications to the original design include an accessible restroom and the addition of an accessible campsite as part of our commitment to making facilities, services, and programs accessible for all.

This new development is an important step in improving opportunities for overnight visitor access to Santa Cruz Island. Through project review, cultural resources investigations, and consultations with Chumash tribal partners and other experts, we have developed a sensitive design that avoids or minimizes impacts to sensitive cultural and natural resources.

Thank you to all that participated in the public comment process.

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