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Ocean Beach Fire Revised Pilot Program

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Update - February 2015

A public meeting was held on the evening of February 5, 2015 in which 81 people attended. The presentation that was given can be found at the Document List link listed on the left side of this page. NPS appreciated the cooperative nature of the meeting and all of the input and feedback provided by the attendees. The content written on the easels are currently being transcribed and will be available on this site once that process is done. Staff will review the information gathered at the meeting and assess the options for moving forward. Please check this site for continued updates.


On May 22, 2014 Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) announced the implementation of the Ocean Beach Fire Revised Pilot Program, and changes to existing rules for fires on the beach.

Program Extended to October 31
Originally, the pilot program was scheduled to end on September 1, 2014. GGNRA has decided to extend the program through October of this year. This will allow for additional data collection, as well as the opportunity for further public outreach and education about the pilot program. With support from San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar, SF Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) have received funds from the City of San Francisco to assist NPS with the pilot program. NPS and SFRPD will work together to determine how to use these funds to the best effect.

Progress Report
NPS has developed a preliminary progress report that includes graphs and notes that describe the data that was collected through July 10, 2014 (Law Enforcement data) and July 17, 2014 (morning litter data). Photos showing the beach and promenade after some nights that had fire activity are also included. **To download the report click on the Document List link on the left and click on the document title.**

To view all of the rules and regulations for fires on the beach go to:

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