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Reconstruct Road Segments to Improve Safety

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The Mojave National Preserve has completed the environmental review process for the project to Reconstruct Road Segments to Improve Safety. An environmental assessment (EA) was completed and distributed for public review in November 2014. Through a combination of environmental analysis and interagency and public review, the National Park Service has determined that the selected alternative will not significantly affect the environment and has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the project.

A FONSI is an explanatory document that describes why the selected action will have no significant effects on the environment. It is based on the EA and comments of agencies and the public. The FONSI also describes the rationale for the decision and conservation measures that will be implemented to avoid, minimize, and mitigate impacts. An Errata to the EA was also completed; the corrections in the Errata do not change the project activities or increase the degree of impact described in the EA. The FONSI, the EA and Errata comprise the complete environmental impact analysis for this project.

The proposed changes to the roadways are designed to reduce the number of accidents within the Preserve by improving roadway elevations, grades, curvature, and sight distances, and by realigning two intersections. Four locations are on paved road and total 1.94 miles; one location is on an unpaved road and is less than one quarter mile in length. The project also includes improvements to maintain safe ingress/egress at three sites on unpaved roads that serve as main access roads for the local community. Roadway embankment protection totaling about 1.5 miles in length will be installed where flood events have frequently caused damage to the roadway and two low water crossings which total 460 feet in length will be reinforced to reduce the severity and incidence of washouts.

The Preserve hopes to start construction in fall 2015 or early winter 2016.

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